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font comercial use

14/06/2018 alle 08:09

Hi Guys, I need to urgently buy a license for a commercial use, I have appeared in the font wall but I have not received any news from the artist? Can you help me please?

thank you so much

17/06/2018 alle 17:14

which font? which artist?

17/06/2018 alle 21:24

“Exmouth” by Primafont and “Optimus princeps” by manfred-klein


17/06/2018 alle 22:16

Free font

17/06/2018 alle 23:31

Yes but I can use for commercial use?

18/06/2018 alle 03:06

18/06/2018 alle 08:32


18/06/2018 alle 15:27

Primafont n'existe plus depuis la fin des années 90.

Exmouth est reproduction d'Excelsior Script Semi-Bold d'Amsterdam Type foundry.

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