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I will gladly pay for someone to make a custom font for me.

13/06/2018 alle 03:20

Our boat was heavily damaged in Hurricane Harvey. We are just now getting around to replacing the name on it - it's to be painted starting next week. We've searched, but can't find this font, and I've asked on this forum before, and no one could identify it. It's fairly simple, just the 6 letters of the boat's name "Merlin". I can send you photos, here's a link that should show it:

Thanks in advance,

14/06/2018 alle 20:52

You should just get a vector trace of the logo and text.

I've seen people offering vector tracing services online quite a lot of places. Just google "vector tracing service" or something similar and you'll find lots of different choices.

Fonts are basically a combination of vector graphics and programming (setting spacing, kerning and other rules for how text should look), unless you want to rearrange the letters or add more text in the same style then a good vector trace can be scaled to any size and printed on whatever you like.

14/06/2018 alle 23:22

Thanks, I'll try that.

15/06/2018 alle 00:10

Perfect recommendation! Found someone - actually knew her, but never thought of this.

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