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Difference between Public Domain and 100% Free

08/06/2018 alle 22:37

Hi there! Made an account just to ask this question.
I'm currently starting up my own company (eventually) and I'm in the middle of designing my logo. I'd also like to pick some fonts for a game I'm creating. So I'm just trying to cover all my bases.
I understand that fonts that are labeled "Free for personal use" I wouldn't be able to use, and I believe that "Public Domain" means I am able to use the font because it isn't copyrighted. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) I was mostly confused about the "100% free" label. What does that mean? Is that free for personal and commercial use? If so, wouldn't that be considered Public Domain?

Sorry if that all seems confusing! Thanks for your time.

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09/06/2018 alle 04:54

Most likely they are the same thing, but it would probably be best not to assume anything. Check with the font creator before
using their typeface in some commercial enterprise.

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