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problem with stardust font

07/06/2018 alle 23:43

I have tried three times to download the stardust font on to my MAC OS X version 10.11, and when it installed, there was a message with an exclamation point and yellow triangle indicating there is a problem. It shows in my font book, but not anywhere in Word where I thought it would be. I'm not very clever, so any help is appreciated!

08/06/2018 alle 00:15

08/06/2018 alle 00:18

Stardust adventure

08/06/2018 alle 01:33

08/06/2018 alle 01:37

So is this link the solution or are you asking me a question about my Mac?

08/06/2018 alle 01:44

Try TypeLight 3.2

08/06/2018 alle 01:45

Ok , will try tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

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