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Will DaFont support uploading color fonts?

01/06/2018 alle 13:57

As the title suggests, I'm curious about learning how to make color fonts as I'm considering getting a better font editor (probably getting either Glyphs or FontCreator depending on which computer I'm willing to do work on).

Also, last year, submission times ranged from a couple of days, to a few weeks. Then I uploaded a few fonts in November and I had to wait until May to have them approved. I know there's a human doing the submission approvals and that there's variability here, and I don't want to come off as nagging (sorry if I am), but is there something going on causing submission times to go from a few days/weeks to half a year?

01/06/2018 alle 15:23

There were a few issues last year that led to some fonts being uploaded way later than usual, and I'm sorry about that. A lot of things can happen, unfortunately. Your situation was particularly bad and I can only apologize for it.

We haven't talked about color fonts yet. I can only assume it will not be a priority in the near future, as it still seems to be a "niche" and there are other things that will be prioritized. But who knows?

01/06/2018 alle 15:40

It's probably going to be a niche yes, but I use DaFont first because it's one of the major font resource sites and the first place for new fonts I knew about.

I usually avoid releasing any design for sales until it gets accepted on DaFont because my experience is that you're more picky with what you accept than some of the commercial sites I upload to.

I find that fonts that get accepted here automatically get more exposure than most other places, while MyFonts have an off-putting barrier of entry and certain other sites pretty much force me to release my fonts with a strict "free for all uses" license.

This puts DaFont in a pretty special position, as you allow contributors to release "free for personal use" fonts, you have a fair standard of excellence that doesn't force contributors to be their own "foundry" while you still reject bad fonts and you're particularly good at providing download statistics by font, contributor and "most popular" - this provides me with valuable information on which ideas I should continue working on and which I should avoid. You're also known for being a go-to place for experimental fonts and niche fonts.

So I say that if you think it's just going to be a "niche" you should be especially interested because that's one of the things this site is known for.

01/06/2018 alle 16:09

Thank you for your kind words I'm only replying to mention that we continued this conversation over private messages.

01/06/2018 alle 16:31

An SVG Color Font or a Microsoft Color Font (CPAL/COLR) ?

01/06/2018 alle 16:42

SVG is the most interesting to me.

Again, I don't know much about it yet, I'm considering getting a better font editor (FontForge crashes incessantly), and one new feature that Glyphs and FontCreator talks about are support for color-fonts. It would be nice to be fairly early in the game - but for it to be interesting, I'd like a channel to distribute my designs that are used by many.

01/06/2018 alle 18:30

Glyphs & Fontlab VI support SVG Color Font .
FontCreator does not support SVG Color Font. FontCreator & Type3.2(win) support Microsoft Color Font (CPAL/COLR) .

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