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GameAnarchy Font

28/05/2018 alle 15:17

Hi, looking for the font used in this, the Anarchy symbol is not apart of the font

GameAnarchy Font

Carattere Identificato

Living Hell  Suggeriti da marty666 

Carattere suggerito

Impact  Suggeriti da marty666 

28/05/2018 alle 15:51

Carattere suggerito: Impact

28/05/2018 alle 16:04

marty666 ha detto  

This isn't it, the font in the photo is a horror font with the weird dots under the A's

28/05/2018 alle 16:19

Maybe someone gave it another name, but it's Impact with some kind of filter.
Carattere Identificato: Living Hell

Modificato su 28/05/2018 alle 16:20 da marty666

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