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hi guy,I have a question,please help me!

24/05/2018 alle 11:10

I am specifically looking for "Bitmap" fonts, so I selected "Themes" and "Pixel/Bitmap". The first strange detail was that there is just one size for the fonts because bitmap fonts are defined in a grid of pixels that have horizontal and vertical sizes. I downloaded a couple fonts as test and discovered that one font file have .ttf extension (True Type Font) and the other one .otf extension (Open Type Font). This confused me a lot, because .ttf and .otf are *precisely* the opposite thing of "pixel/bitmap" fonts! Bitmap fonts in Windows have .fon or .fnt extensions...

Then, I open the "Help on the Bitmap fonts use" and read that "For the fonts with .fon extension...". So there are *real* Windows bitmaps fonts here! However, it is totally impractical to download a font just to check the type: all the fonts I tried so far are .ttf or .otf font files!

Is there a way so I can know the extension of the font file before downloaded? Is there a way to list just the "real" Bitmap (not .ttf nor .otf) fonts? TIA

PS - Yes, I know that .ttf font files can be converted into .fnt ones...

24/05/2018 alle 21:44

20/06/2018 alle 18:39

Wow its big

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