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I DID create Chiqui Font

08/04/2018 alle 23:06

There“s no official font. it was A LOGO created for an Argentinian programm for kids. I worked with the pictures in which designs were shown, there werent for every letter of the alphabet so I worked on it really hard with regular quality pictures. I sent the file to some friends and known people but one of them uploaded it under His NAME. I have a newer and better version coming soon with some huge improvements in letters cause Ive been in contact with the original Design Studio responsible for the logo and the funny alphabet.

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12/04/2018 alle 21:41

Hi, It's good to know that you are creating a new font and we all here would love to see your new font. Please don't forget to share it once its better version got completed.

13/04/2018 alle 18:04

Of course I'll do. I'm in final stages so it's gonna come out at any time.

21/01/2019 alle 01:51

It“s coming really soon. Stay tuned.

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