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Download on Iphone

12/01/2018 alle 22:28

Is it possible to download font on IPhone 7, or do I have to juse a computer? If I can download to my phone, how do I do it?

13/01/2018 alle 00:40

I'm pretty sure you will need to jailbreak it. And jailbreaking it is not a good idea. (Might get wirus!)

13/01/2018 alle 00:59

Try Font Manager

11/12/2018 alle 20:05

I don’t see font manger available for iPhone

23/12/2018 alle 01:19

There's a major difference between downloading (and storing) on your phone and INSTALLING a font on your phone.

For a long time, the jailbreak community was able to install their own fonts onto their phones, but now that jailbreakers are being paid up a million a pop by Apple for their discoveries, the public jailbreak community has pretty well dried up (meaning you WON'T be able to install the font on your phone).

To download to your phone to transfer to a computer, simply download it to either dropbox or to your 'Files' folder.

There ARE a few 'font' apps, which CLAIM you can add fonts, but their success is spotty at best, and they only support a limited amount of fonts and only a few apps (like WORD) will support the fonts they do offer.

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