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Death row logo

26/11/2017 alle 00:51

Hey can anyone identify the font for the word "EAST" and "DEATH ROW", it isn't Lithos black

Death row logo

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26/11/2017 alle 00:57

glockrivers227 ha detto  
Hey can anyone identify the font for the word "EAST" in this photo

3 of 4 letters are partially covered up.

glockrivers227 ha detto  
the font for the "death row" is Lithos black but I have no idea on how to get it to look like that THANKS

It's not Lithos Black.

26/11/2017 alle 01:12

jerseygirl ha detto  
It's not Lithos Black. 3 of 4 letters are partially covered up.

Yeah your right its not could you identify what it is?, and for the 3 letters being covered up, the're more pictures to show it clearly I just thought this would be a good one

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26/11/2017 alle 15:52

DEATH ROW might be Arial Bold.

regarding the other word, 3 of 4 letters are still partially covered up...
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26/11/2017 alle 16:52

nah it's close but not exact, look at the "R" it's more rounded. and damz on what you were saying in the other thread with photshop to get it to look like that, I did it and it didn't look exactly like that. Could you see if you can make it like how it is in the picture, I tinkered with all of photoshops warp texts and can't seem to replicate it.

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