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Try again....Hells Angels Font

01/12/2010 alle 18:24

Does anyone know what font is used for the Hells Angels?

Sorry, I didn't realize there were multiple logos.

This is the one I am referring to. (Thank you daaams)

Try again....Hells Angels Font

Caratteri suggeriti

Rebel Bones  Suggeriti da Gabilonda 
Hessian  Suggeriti da claudeserieux 
Patched  Suggeriti da MAWNS 
Carnivalee Freakshow  Suggeriti da dmoe32 
IFC Rail Road  Suggeriti da salmekipedia 
Bike  Suggeriti da LowerClassLeather 
Bosox  Suggeriti da Sk8ingusa 

01/12/2010 alle 18:59

It Looks Very Reminscent of the Boston Red Sox font. Since their font is under lock and key, "BOSOX" is a poormans version of the font. Perhaps with a couple of tweeks you can emulate the Hells Angels Font.
Carattere suggerito: Bosox

01/12/2010 alle 19:00

Carattere suggerito: Hessian

01/12/2010 alle 19:21

I like the Hessian as that is very close, however it is $19.95 and since I'm not looking for perfection, I am going to go with the 'poormans version' of Bosox.

Thanks everyone for your help.

02/12/2010 alle 21:54

This font is not hessian,
it's been requested many times

see here, here, and especially the last answer here

its been designed and own by HA MC USA.

The use of this font is at your own risks and they don't fool around.

03/12/2010 alle 04:36

Thank you tophy52. I'm not looking for perfection as I said above. Hessian works just great for me. Thanks for your reply.

27/01/2013 alle 19:43

bosox and hessian both have the wrong "N" the font with the correct letters, or the actual closest you will get is Carnivalee Freakshow
Carattere suggerito: Carnivalee Freakshow

28/01/2013 alle 17:31

Wow, I forgot I had even asked about this a couple of years ago. Thank you for your reply though. I appreciate it.

28/05/2013 alle 10:02

IFC Rail Road
Carattere suggerito: IFC Rail Road

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28/09/2013 alle 23:31

Try this one... Bike from Fontalicious
Carattere suggerito: Bike

06/08/2015 alle 14:47

Hey - ur font is called Rebel Bones - search it here and enjoy !!
Carattere suggerito: Rebel Bones

06/08/2015 alle 14:56

@PurpleWeeble, thank god that it only took 5 years to find something close Good looking out @Gabilonda.

06/08/2015 alle 17:16

The Kat wonders, Gabilonda. Why has RebelBones "1.006;pyrs;HessianBones" as unique font identifier? What link might there be with the Hessian?

Apart from that, there is no such thing as an official Hells Angels font. Goto and look at a number of charters websites. You will see, without needing a magnifying glass, that all are just a bit different from each other as if everywhere the thing has been made anew. Matthew Desmond's Hessian and now renamed to Bike with some alterations, are up to date a reasonable middle of the road alternative to make something with Hells Angels feel. Of which Hessian is probably the best choice.

So there is no font around that is a registered trademark. The only trademark that is (possibly) registered is the way of writing on a curve the words Hells Angels yes or no in combination with the scull and the scull by itself.

10/08/2015 alle 06:51

Forget about it. You shouldn't be using that font. Plain and Simple. You really wanna find out? Find the closest charter and ask them if you can use their font? I understand what you're saying koeiekat, and I am sure you are spot on. But to everyone else: there's a good reason why the font isn't readily available to anyone. So just forget it and be happy with something close.


10/08/2015 alle 20:14

nshake ha detto  
... Find the closest charter and ask them if you can use their font? ... SUPPORT BHC

Again, there is no such thing as "their" font. There are a load of tuscan variations around in the different charters and I don't see hoe they can claim'm all. In fact they can't claim anything but their other activities. But those they deny

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11/08/2015 alle 01:36


Fonts CAN be copyrighted under law in the US.

When I say "their don't", I am referring to a font they created. Just as I would with a font I created. It was a font created by them and they have chosen not to share it and/or make it publicly available.

Font's software CAN be copyrighted.

Fonts can be copyrighted as long as they are in a digital computer form. And therefore classified as "software".

I am not going to argue with you over why nobody else can seem to find and/or use their font. Because nobody does.

Support BHC and have a Wonderful Day

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11/08/2015 alle 16:30

After all, there is a font named hellsangels out there. Someone left the back door unlocked

Most of the charters, however, did not use it but made something themselves. Look at the header of this page:

The naming section of hellsangels.ttf shows that the copyright is with Morten Diesel Dahl, which explanes the Aring and Odash glyphs and the AE ligature. No copyright HellsAngels whatsoever. Also notice that there is no trademark information. In the advanced naming there is nothing about license info and nothing about redistribution.

How does hellsangels compare with Rebel Bones, Hessian and Bike? Here the A:

Notice how Rebel Bones smells Bike?

hellsangels is a clumsy drawn and traced thingie. Whoever wants to make something that gives a HellsAngels impression is better of with the Hessian.

Only work of art can be protected with copyright. Drawings, paintings, text, music, movies etc. And it is not 'can be' but 'are'. Fully automatically. Again, do read the Convention of Bern papers. Mass products are not considered a work of art. In typography the letterform design has copyright protection, not the software which is a mass produced product.

Lots of people think that USA law governs the world. That is a mistake. A severe mistake. And, by the way, that USA law does not exist anymore since the USA, be it 80 years late, ratified the Convention of Bern.

10/04/2021 alle 10:26

Carattere suggerito: Patched

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