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help me pls with this font

27/09/2017 alle 05:25

help me pls with this font

help me pls with this font

Carattere Identificato

Blenda Script  Suggeriti da marty666 

Carattere suggerito

Lobster  Suggeriti da marty666 

27/09/2017 alle 05:28

Carattere suggerito: Lobster

27/09/2017 alle 05:36

the Letter "Y" is not the same

27/09/2017 alle 05:47

Not only y
Characters a, r, ', and s are different too...
that's why i only typed the M in my example

27/09/2017 alle 05:51

Carattere Identificato: Blenda Script

01/10/2017 alle 14:29

thanks a lot Damz

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