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Product Logo from LifeWave

22/12/2011 alle 02:42

Product Logo. If anyone know where I can get this font. Please identify that font for me. I think the company's logo (LifeWave) is the same font used on their product labels. Find on --- Look at the "W" "A" also. Thank you so much for your help.

Product Logo from LifeWave

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Carattere Identificato

Asenine Wide  Suggeriti da SashiX 

30/12/2011 alle 01:21

Can someone make letters like these for me? How much for A-Z

30/12/2011 alle 01:55

Carattere Identificato: Asenine Wide

04/01/2012 alle 05:22

SashiX ha detto  
Asenine Wide

thank you so much. Happy New Year to you! Blessings.

04/01/2012 alle 05:44

Anytime and Happy New Year to you too

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