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What fonts are these? From a lighting/electrical Document

05/09/2017 alle 01:49

This image HAD TO BE CROPPED DOWN. The original image is a 36x48" document. It makes no sense putting up a huge file, and this crop isn't blurry at all.

What fonts are these? From a lighting/electrical Document

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Flux Architect  Suggeriti da jerseygirl 

05/09/2017 alle 01:53

Your previous image was blurry, because you enlarged the scan.
This new one is OK.

05/09/2017 alle 01:56

*Phew.* Thank you. And you're right. Comparing the two, it was pretty blurry.

05/09/2017 alle 02:15

Yeah, sorry.
When you create a new identification topic, the only thing written on a red background is "Zoomed (enlarged) images and/or crappy JPGs will be deleted"

05/09/2017 alle 02:27

Carattere Identificato: Flux Architect

05/09/2017 alle 02:33

Jerseygirl. I Can't thank you enough. Like, seriously. I have to rebuild this entire file from scratch because the original author died, and this nonprofit was waiting months to make some city-mandated renovations. I'm doing this pro bono.
You rock. :

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