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Madonna Music

06/08/2017 alle 19:25

Madonna Music

Caratteri Identificati

Dusty Circus  Suggeriti da donshottype 
Playbill  Suggeriti da donshottype 
Helldorado  Suggeriti da donshottype 

Caratteri suggeriti

BraceletVictorian  Suggeriti da donshottype 
Main Event  Suggeriti da donshottype 
Buffalo Western  Suggeriti da donshottype 

06/08/2017 alle 20:32

A Victorian fancy font digitized several times.
Minor differences among the digitizations, but the match to MUSIC is Dusty Circus.
Carattere Identificato: Dusty Circus

06/08/2017 alle 20:38

For a free version -- close but not identical to _MUSIC_ see BraceletVictorian by Douglas Day.
Carattere suggerito: BraceletVictorian

06/08/2017 alle 20:53

Very close and well made, but has minor differences from _MUSIC_
Carattere suggerito: Main Event

06/08/2017 alle 21:02

For the small font, Buffalo Western is close but has differences, e.g. the leg on _R_
Carattere suggerito: Buffalo Western

06/08/2017 alle 21:42

For the small font.
Carattere Identificato: Playbill

Modificato su 06/08/2017 alle 21:43 da donshottype

06/08/2017 alle 22:24

With width expanded by user to about 140%, like this:
Carattere Identificato: Helldorado

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