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Thanks for your help!!!

05/07/2017 alle 11:07

Thanks for your help!!!

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Amanda  Suggeriti da Heron2001 

05/07/2017 alle 16:21

an old OPTIFont!
Carattere suggerito: Amanda

05/07/2017 alle 18:56


09/07/2017 alle 01:58

You're most welcome I was 100% sure it was a match. But as you can see someone has decided it isn't I'd like to know why

10/07/2017 alle 04:32

Modificato su 10/07/2017 alle 04:32 da marty666

10/07/2017 alle 04:35

Reminds me Mk Latino, Latino, Latino Samba, Latino Rumba,... but with a more serious design.

10/07/2017 alle 15:06

Thank you!

Time for that I exam again for me but the price has made it almost prohibitive! I'll go make that appointment ....

11/07/2017 alle 00:20

price of ? I downloaded that OPTI Amanda for free on the OPTI website

11/07/2017 alle 03:46

Price of eye exam and new glasses. Lol

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