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Please find font! Percy & Reed!

14/12/2011 alle 16:29

Would appreciate it if somebody would recognise the font of the 'Percy', 'Reed' and 'London' type. Thanks!

Please find font! Percy & Reed!

Caratteri Identificati

FF Scala Sans Bold  Suggeriti da claudeserieux 
Caslon 540 Italic  Suggeriti da claudeserieux 

14/12/2011 alle 16:52

& -> Caslon 540 Italic
Carattere Identificato: Caslon 540 Italic

Modificato su 14/12/2011 alle 19:29 da Rodolphe

14/12/2011 alle 16:57

Carattere Identificato: FF Scala Sans Bold

14/12/2011 alle 17:03


14/12/2011 alle 17:15

Really looking for somewhere i can get this for free. Or something very similar. Any ideas anyone?

Thanks, appreciated

14/12/2011 alle 17:23

You won't get here for free, that's for sure

However, you may find something similar there.

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