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30/05/2017 alle 19:03

I know I got this font off of But I had to get rid of my computer and I do not have this font! I cant remember the name of it at all! I tried EARTH ORBITER which is very similar but definitely inst the same font. Any help is much appreciated!


Carattere Identificato

Earth Orbiter  Suggeriti da jerseygirl 

30/05/2017 alle 19:48

Take another look, it is Earth Orbiter. Extra Bold
Carattere Identificato: Earth Orbiter

Modificato su 31/05/2017 alle 10:46 da frd

30/05/2017 alle 20:03

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I want to apologize for wasting anybody's time if anybody else was trying to help lol.

30/05/2017 alle 23:03

Carattere suggerito: Earth Orbiter
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