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05/05/2017 alle 15:13

I know this font was hand drawn a long time ago as part of a logo but I am looking for something as close as possible to it. Thank you for any help & input.


Questo probabilmente non è un carattere

Caratteri suggeriti

New Rocker  Suggeriti da zzest 
Portcullion  Suggeriti da donshottype 
Enchanted Land  Suggeriti da DopeHat 

02/06/2017 alle 02:43

you can look on the dafont website under gothic (click the red box with that word on it)
i did that for you -

i looked myself and these two seemed the closest put of the first few fonts i saw.

Enchanted Land
Carattere suggerito: Enchanted Land

Modificato su 02/06/2017 alle 12:19 da frd

02/06/2017 alle 15:00

Thanks. Enchanted Land is really close and will probably work.

02/06/2017 alle 16:16

You can check New Rocker font too.
Carattere suggerito: New Rocker

Modificato su 02/06/2017 alle 16:26 da zzest

02/06/2017 alle 16:33

You can get a very similar curved sides and spiky corners effect by using Portcullion. Note that THIS IS NOT THE FONT.
Pay version under the name Black Rose from Font Mesa.
Carattere suggerito: Portcullion

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