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How to use Google Adsense with dafont?

27/04/2017 alle 09:55

I'm the author of a font on dafont that I'd like to have my ads featured on, but I can't figure out how to do it. I otherwise only use Youtube for my Google Adsense account and that was very easy to set up. I can't figure out how to have my ads appear here on dafont. Can anyone please explain it to me?


27/04/2017 alle 10:24

Hi, everything is explained in your account. You should look for the Google AdSense link.

27/04/2017 alle 13:52

A question, can you use your Google Adsense created for Youtube outside of Youtube/other Google sites? I am asking you this because of this

28/04/2017 alle 09:38

frd, how do I link my dafont account to my Adsense account? The instructions provided by dafont aren't clear at all.

I can't figure out whether I have to do something through dafont or through Adsense. Neither of them are self explanatory so I'm a bit lost. Would you mind taking a minute to write up some quick steps to help me?

Thank you.

28/04/2017 alle 10:14

You only need to fill one field. Copy/paste your AdSense publisher ID in the "Publisher ID" field, that's all you need to do.

28/04/2017 alle 10:41

Thanks for the quick reply, frd. I attempted to do this a few months ago and entered my Publisher ID as I recall, but I can't figure out how to check on dafont if it's correct. Does the "Publisher ID" field disappear after you enter it for the first time?

The reason I'm confused is because I set up the report per the instructions, but the reports have always showed no data. I thought that maybe I screwed something up here.

28/04/2017 alle 12:03

You can't use a Google Adsense hosted account -- Adsense account for use in blogspot/blogger, youtube and other Google services -- here at Dafont.

If that's the case. you need to upgrade your Adsense account. Ask Adsense help on how to go about this.

28/04/2017 alle 12:06

@i remember halloween, I don't see the problem, it seems like you entered your Publisher ID, so where's the problem? Is your AdSense account active? Has it been validated?

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