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Approval to use a font commercially

05/04/2017 alle 14:46

Hello!!! I originally used a few of the fonts on here for my personal invitations but would like to be able to potentially sell them since a lot of people have loved my work. How do I get approval from the artists to be able to use their fonts?


05/04/2017 alle 14:52

You should contact them, authors usually have a way to do that (email, private message, etc.)

26/04/2017 alle 16:27

Someone had said that you could make a donation to the author. Is this how you can get the commercial license?

26/04/2017 alle 23:49

as frd said, "You should contact them, authors usually have a way to do that (email, private message, etc.)"

27/04/2017 alle 14:31

You should ask the font author directly about that. Font authors have differing views when it comes to commercial license. To avoid problems later on, ask the concerned author.

As for me, I need a full disclosure on how you are going to use the font and who the end user is. Then I will tell you if a donation is fine or we need to talk some more. One of the things that I hate the most is people trying to downplay things and suppress info. If you do that, I am going to ask a fixed amount on a take it or leave it basis.

I only asked for a donation for the use of K22 Xanthus on this video (see @ 2:27) when I could have asked for a specific amount. The person who got in touch with me disclosed everything and showed me the then unreleased video. When I was asked how much I wanted for it, I told them a donation is fine.

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