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Justice League Trailer Font

24/03/2017 alle 22:46

Hey, can someone please identify this font font for me?

Justice League Trailer Font

Carattere Identificato

Justice League  Suggeriti da Juancito1198 

Caratteri suggeriti

Justice League  Suggeriti da cine1fz 
JL FL  Suggeriti da Utente cancellato 922280 

25/03/2017 alle 00:00

Carattere Identificato: Justice League

Modificato su 27/03/2017 alle 10:29 da frd

25/03/2017 alle 00:48

Thanks bud.

Utente cancellato 922280
18/04/2017 alle 18:33

Carattere suggerito: JL FL

01/05/2017 alle 16:59

Carattere suggerito: Justice League

08/05/2017 alle 15:29

I created this font based on my old Justice League of America comic #261 The Final Chapter from the 1970's. With the new DC Comics movie due out in 2017 here is my personal look back over the last 50 years of this particular League of Justice seeking Super-Heroes. This Fan-Font has just gone through a major update 3/5/2017 now at v2.007 now features both the latest JUSTICE LEAGUE movie glyph's on the CAPITALS and and the existing glyph's from v1.007 from the earlier Justice League of America comic from the 1970's. This Fan-Font is now spanning almost 50 years of JUSTICE.
Carattere suggerito: Justice League
  (Gią suggerito qua)

08/05/2017 alle 15:54

Carattere suggerito: Justice League
  (Gią suggerito qua)

09/05/2017 alle 07:00

The one suggested by cine1fz is more similar to the image (rounded angles, not straight ones like in SpideRay's font)

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