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POTC Dead Man Tell No Tales Poster

07/03/2017 alle 23:20

Can anyone help me identify the two fonts used for the cast member's names (i.e. Johnny DEPP)?

Thank you for your time!


POTC Dead Man Tell No Tales Poster

Caratteri Identificati

Aquiline Two  Suggeriti da fonatica 
Caslon Antique  Suggeriti da fonatica 

Caratteri suggeriti

Pieces of Eight  Suggeriti da Juancito1198 
Waltograph  Suggeriti da Juancito1198 

08/03/2017 alle 00:00

Carattere Identificato: Aquiline Two

08/03/2017 alle 00:16

Carattere Identificato: Caslon Antique

08/03/2017 alle 00:47


You're AWESOME. Thank you so much for identifying these fonts!!

May your good karma be returned to you a thousand fold.

Best regards,


08/03/2017 alle 00:49

08/03/2017 alle 16:23

Carattere suggerito: Pieces of Eight

08/03/2017 alle 17:15

Carattere suggerito: Waltograph

08/03/2017 alle 19:36

Thank you me hearties!!

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