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What font is this?

26/01/2017 alle 19:11

Any ideas?

What font is this?

Modificato 3 volte. Ultima modifica su 28/01/2017 alle 03:27 da mchlsctt

Carattere Identificato

Universidad 2015  Suggeriti da jerseygirl 

Carattere suggerito

GRK1 Ivy No.2  Suggeriti da mchlsctt 

29/01/2017 alle 09:19

Carattere Identificato: Universidad 2015

01/02/2017 alle 18:32

Close, but this doesn't seem to match.

01/02/2017 alle 18:59

you're welcome.

01/02/2017 alle 19:01

Yes, thank you for misidentifying the font.

02/02/2017 alle 05:45

Correctly identified, but thank you for trying.
Carattere suggerito: GRK1 Ivy No.2

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