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Nintendo Switch

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20/10/2016 alle 17:24

i need it to make high qualitea dank memes

Nintendo Switch

Caratteri suggeriti

Room Bold  Suggeriti da VWsplitUK 
Mark Bold  Suggeriti da MaxiGamer 
Primetime  Suggeriti da Ivaalo 
Typold Bold  Suggeriti da Remour 
Highway Gothic  Suggeriti da PePendejo émd 
Highway Gothic  Suggeriti da JKDesings 

21/10/2016 alle 00:57

I'm afraid this might be a private font. Primetime and Couture are similar fonts.
Here is the result:
Carattere suggerito: Primetime

Modificato su 21/10/2016 alle 15:09 da frd

21/10/2016 alle 12:00

It could well be 'Room', bold weight, though more likely the black version....
Carattere suggerito: Room Bold

Modificato su 22/10/2016 alle 10:05 da VWsplitUK

25/10/2016 alle 00:53

I believe it might be FF Mark, probably Bold.
Carattere suggerito: Mark Bold

28/02/2018 alle 01:33

It's a stretched version of Typold Bold.
Carattere suggerito: Typold Bold

28/02/2018 alle 02:16

Está sí es la fuente...
Carattere suggerito: Highway Gothic

Modificato su 28/02/2018 alle 11:02 da frd

14/07/2018 alle 00:59

MaxiGamer ha detto  
I believe it might be FF Mark, probably Bold.

Mark Bold

It is, checked a pdf from a cover printable @ mynintendo site, and it had MArk OT font for the title of the game, and i assume also applies to the logo text.

16/05/2021 alle 19:22

HWYGEXPD it's perfect!
Carattere suggerito: Highway Gothic

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