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Kenneth the Blue Elf

19/11/2010 alle 01:06

I am sure it is somewhat custom but can anyone point me to something close please. I need the font for the Kenneth Blue Elf text.

Kenneth the Blue Elf

Carattere Identificato

Desigers  Suggeriti da deds 

19/11/2010 alle 09:21

ah, damn it i know this one... can't find its name back !!

19/11/2010 alle 16:02

Hello abharkl, vinz.
Carattere Identificato: Desigers

19/11/2010 alle 16:09

Thanks. I thought it might be a font from here, but i was unsuccessful at my search. Thank you.

19/11/2010 alle 16:09

Ah !! you got it !
I was also thinking of a font from House Ind that got the same look & feel
Carattere suggerito: Rumba Latino
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