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Love this font but not sure what it is

08/09/2016 alle 00:57

Been searching all day for the fonts used. So bold and pretty and have to have them on my title pages in my portfolio of art work

Love this font but not sure what it is

Caratteri Identificati

Black Jack  Suggeriti da jerseygirl 
Canteen  Suggeriti da jerseygirl 

08/09/2016 alle 01:32

Carattere Identificato: Black Jack

08/09/2016 alle 01:35

Carattere Identificato: Canteen

08/09/2016 alle 08:20

Thankyou so much. Should had said the tshirt print. Is the a knack to knowing fonts or just know by using it previously? Just ATM a lot of my course work and art work is heavily based on styles of fonts.

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