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Trying to figure out the font used by our logo creator

28/07/2016 alle 22:06

Hi! I work at a non profit and we're trying to produce some promotional images incorporating our logo, but we don't have easy access to the graphic designer who created our logo. Please if possible, find the font used (or a close match) and the blue color used in the design.

Trying to figure out the font used by our logo creator

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TT Rounds Light  Suggeriti da speters33w 

28/07/2016 alle 22:18

Carattere Identificato: TT Rounds Light

28/07/2016 alle 22:28

For the color, take a CMYK scan of something professionally printed (letterhead, business card, etc) and match it with a graphics program.

They might be able to do this for you at a FedEx Office (Kinkos) or similar place at little (or maybe no if you explain how poor your organization is and what a big help it would be to your work) cost.

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28/07/2016 alle 22:44

Thank you! I actually ended up using and found the Hex Codes for the logo colors.

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