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The font(s) used in ESRB ratings

12/07/2016 alle 03:18

What are the font(s) used in this ESRB rating and others similar to it? I'd like to know for a project. Thank you!

The font(s) used in ESRB ratings

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Helvetica  Suggeriti da john4s13 

23/07/2016 alle 01:38

Helvetica, but cheap options (if you don't have an Apple computer) are Arial or Roboto. Roboto can be found: and Arial should be a default font. I would not recommend buying the font if you're on a budget, but I will leave the link. The fonts are Helvetica Cond Bold (for the "MATURE 17+" and the "M") and Helvetica Bold (for the ESRB), which goes for 39 dollars for each font. However, it is not an exact match. The "MATURE 17+" is condensed by about 20%, and the "ESRB" is extended by 125-175%. Again, I would strongly recommend downloading Roboto ( ) and replicating the font.
Carattere Identificato: Helvetica

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