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SEGA GENESIS font please.

19/01/2016 alle 09:51

I know the font used for the SEGA logo and the SEGA GENESIS logo but with the boxart text I would like to know the font you here please.

SEGA GENESIS font please.

Carattere suggerito

Copperplate Gothic Bold  Suggeriti da ViableNutria7972 

24/12/2016 alle 00:29

Hi,sonamyfan03, I'm very surprised that nobody could identify this font for you so far.
I am a very big SEGA fan, and I was also wondering the same thing.
The font you are looking for is Copperplate Gothic Bold.
The font was created by Microsoft in 1994.
If you need to contact me, email me at
I am also a huge Sonic fan, and I currently run a YouTube channel for gaming.
Hope this helps!

Carattere suggerito: Copperplate Gothic Bold

24/12/2016 alle 01:11


24/12/2016 alle 02:13

You're welcome!
Glad I could help!

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