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grungy bold font,

06/01/2016 alle 20:52

Hello, a design client asked me to implement this font into his shirt design, but he doesn't know the original name of the font he used. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

grungy bold font,

Carattere Identificato

Dirty Ego  Suggeriti da rgkdesignco 

Carattere suggerito

Eordeoghlakat  Suggeriti da 49er 

06/01/2016 alle 22:34

Closest I could find is Eordeoghlakat
Carattere suggerito: Eordeoghlakat

06/01/2016 alle 22:37

I think it this one
Carattere Identificato: Dirty Ego

Modificato su 06/01/2016 alle 22:53 da fonatica

06/01/2016 alle 23:04

Awesome! Thank you both! Dirty Ego definitely fits.

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