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Is it possible to set letter spacing to the whole font project at once?

04/11/2015 alle 12:53

Hey guys,

I'm using Font Forge for creating and editing fonts but I have now ran into a problem. I want to change letter spacing for the whole font project at once. I know how to edit left & right side bearings for the single letters and how to adjust kerning in pairs, but this is not what I want. I want to shrink letter spacing for all letters at once, just like in any vector editing software, where you simply select the text and change "spacing between letters (px)" value.

This is what I want to achieve:

04/11/2015 alle 14:29

I don't know about FontForge but most all fonteditors have a tool to batch edit glyphs like changing the advance width.


If you have already done the kerning the result will be an unpleasant surprise. You will have to do the kerning again as glyphs may now overlap. Also, not all glyphs should have the same advance widths. An 'A' needs far less than an 'M' and an 'O' or 'C' is somewhere in the middle. And the left advance width of the 'D' is more than the right advance width.

You are probably better off doing it by hand, glyph by glyph.

05/11/2015 alle 18:00

Hey I figure it out! Here are the instructions if someone needs them. Space between glyphs in evenly scaled and glyphs do not overlap.

First open font in Font Forge

- Element / Font Info / Change the name (otherwise you override original font)

- Edit / Select / Glyphs worth outputting

- Metrics / Set Width / Scale by %

- File / Generate Fonts / True Type .ttf / Generate

05/11/2015 alle 19:18

No nasty kerning surprises?

20/04/2018 alle 12:11

The "Scale by %" method is hazardous because kerning can be negative. Scaling both negative and positive kerning will give you odd results...
I'd recommend to use the "Set both side bearings" method instead:
- Metrics / Set both side bearings / Increament bearing by ...

Also, change the names carefully, sometimes FontForge won't let you change the names the way you want because of a mismatch between PS and TTF names.

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