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Problem between word and pdf

12/10/2015 alle 01:43

Hi everyone,

i have never had an issue with my fonts previously but since 1 week i have this problem :
when i am on word 2010, no problem
when i export on pdf, it keeps the same font but with spaces and many issues

it is only with the font libel suit (for now...)

before PDF, on word 2010 (and even 2 months before on pdf)

then what i get now, by converting word 2010 -> PDF, since a few days

as you can see, this is the same font for both but there are those weird spaces and blanks, i don't understand why :(

Can anyone help me please ?

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13/10/2015 alle 04:02

Word 2010's built in PDF generator is a bit messed up. It's just not reliable for getting fonts to work right. I recommend using another system that will use the print system to generate a PDF or use Acrobat to convert.

13/10/2015 alle 09:20

Try PDF Creator.

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