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font? Please Help!

01/09/2015 alle 16:54

Please help!

font? Please Help!

Modificato su 02/09/2015 alle 03:46 da Dias Rachel

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Elegant Script  Suggeriti da lonadelery 

12/09/2015 alle 19:39

Holy hell i need this too!!
All I know is that it's from Lana Del Rey's 'Music to Watch Boys To'

12/09/2015 alle 21:35

Now, this is tricky. I have done lots of searching and I even use photoshop to single out the text, but I've had no luck in finding an exact one.
The closest I could find was Elegant Script Pro, which I think the people on Lana's team have used to model this neon sign from. So I don't think this is an actual font at all.
Hope I could help!
Carattere suggerito: Elegant Script

14/09/2015 alle 19:42

I really like this font!!!

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