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20/07/2015 alle 06:12

I am working on a background image that has Gambit on it and I am trying to find the name of the font used for his comic book. Thanks in advance!


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Caratteri suggeriti

Ravenscroft  Suggeriti da RNRCFan 
Nachtwache  Suggeriti da pilaster 
Macbeth  Suggeriti da donshottype 
Rubens  Suggeriti da donshottype 

20/07/2015 alle 09:53

Modified Macbeth -- lighter, narrower
Hint: Try putting a parallel line inside MacBeth.
Carattere suggerito: Macbeth

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20/07/2015 alle 09:56

The Macbeth design is a modified version of a 19th century font called Rubens.
Rubens is not as good a match to the letter-forms in your image but the proportions are closer.
Carattere suggerito: Rubens

20/07/2015 alle 11:50

I'm not sure that isn't Nachtwache … using all caps and some hinky scaling
Carattere suggerito: Nachtwache

20/07/2015 alle 11:54

This is Ravenscroft, without doubt
Carattere suggerito: Ravenscroft

20/07/2015 alle 17:20

No need to edit Macbeth, when the Disney people did the job and Callaghn & Kronos made the result into a digital font.
I agree that Ravenscroft is the best match so far for the image.
It's lighter but can be made closer by the parallel line trick.

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