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Cytus combo font?

23/06/2015 alle 16:56

Hey, what's the font on the COMBO letters and numbers? Thanks!

Cytus combo font?

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Bolton  Suggeriti da jerseygirl 

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Antiqua Caps  Suggeriti da FoxesRule GD 

25/06/2015 alle 05:26

Carattere Identificato: Bolton

25/06/2015 alle 05:45

Apparently the numbers font is different, what's the font?

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09/10/2017 alle 11:54

I would like to know the "425" font too. Next time, ask the font both so they can help you. (COMBO and 425) *btw I am new here so I don't know what font is that XD

09/10/2017 alle 14:14

Yeah! Finally found it enjoy!
Carattere suggerito: Antiqua Caps

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