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Font Inquiry

05/06/2015 alle 09:01

Can you help me find this font?

Font Inquiry

Carattere Identificato

Chocolate Box  Suggeriti da pilaster 

05/06/2015 alle 14:31

Carattere Identificato: Chocolate Box

05/06/2015 alle 17:42

pilaster ha detto  
Chocolate Box

Thank you Pilaster! Do you have any idea how to align the letters at the top instead of the bottom?

05/06/2015 alle 17:59

You would have to either use Photoshop or Illustrator to do this. Or I guess any editing program can work, but I mainly
use Illustrator. What I would do is type out the Logo, then Increase the size of the B and the S. Once I'm happy with the
size I'd create the text into outlines. Last just manually drag the B and S down so the rest of the font can center it. I'm sorry if this
is confusing to you...

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