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Star Wars Rebellion Header font

04/03/2015 alle 12:37

Was wondering what the font used in this image is;

The text that says "REBELLION" only.
The closest font I could find to it was "Building State Empire";
Not sure if this text was made custom for the shirt, or if it was a font you can find somewhere that was used for it.
If somebody could help me out/get back to me on this quick, that'd be nice, thanks!!

Star Wars Rebellion Header font

Modificato su 04/03/2015 alle 12:43 da chancellor111

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Lucker  Suggeriti da KItaleBoy 

21/03/2015 alle 03:25

Not the font, but much more similar than BULIDING STATE EMPIRE
Carattere suggerito: Lucker

27/03/2015 alle 14:13

I found that font on my own few hours after, I suppose it's the closest I'll get to the original, fonts for the effort anyway!!

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