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Please Help;]

23/10/2010 alle 08:50

Can you please help with these three fonts

1 the feather font on the first image
2 the vintage font
3 the western style font

thanks in advance!

Please Help;]

Caratteri Identificati

Markus Ink  Suggeriti da WhatFontis 
IFC Insane Rodeo  Suggeriti da WhatFontis 

Carattere suggerito

P22 Dearest Swash  Suggeriti da WhatFontis 

23/10/2010 alle 12:43

2. Vintage font
Carattere Identificato: Markus Ink

Modificato su 28/02/2014 alle 10:12 da drf

23/10/2010 alle 12:44

3 the western style font
Carattere Identificato: IFC Insane Rodeo

23/10/2010 alle 12:48

1 the feather font on the first image
Similar font
Carattere suggerito: P22 Dearest Swash

24/10/2010 alle 09:34

Thank you for your time I appreciate it. Still looking for the FEATHER font if anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it. Thanks for sending the similar font {WhatFontis}

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