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what's the font of "I'm not Newton" ?

14/02/2015 alle 11:34

Someone tell me!!! Thanks so much!!!

what's the font of "I'm not Newton" ?

Carattere suggerito

Kristen  Suggeriti da w958w 

14/02/2015 alle 13:25

Half of it looks like Kristen. "I'm" and the "Ne" don't, but otherwise...
Carattere suggerito: Kristen

15/02/2015 alle 06:11

I'm and Ne maybe mechanical pen
combination of kristen and mechanical pen font to make this font look gooder than original
not and wton is kristen
I'm and Ne is mechanical pen
look the difference I'm and Ne has not bold not and wton is look bold

15/02/2015 alle 11:07

Thanks ^^

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