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Easy font like that?

03/10/2014 alle 16:05

Easy font like that?

Carattere Identificato

Claire Hand  Suggeriti da marapara 

03/10/2014 alle 17:31

May be hand written -- not a font. (/E not identical).

03/10/2014 alle 18:13

Dick, the second E superimposed with 50% transparency on the first one. Taken the influence of the irregularity of the background into account, may the E's be identical? I think so but I have not found a match

Modificato su 03/10/2014 alle 18:15 da koeiekat

03/10/2014 alle 21:16

Carattere Identificato: Claire Hand

03/10/2014 alle 21:21

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