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Lucha libre Font

14/10/2010 alle 22:31

can you please help identify this font? Thanx!!

Lucha libre Font

Carattere Identificato

Woodstamp  Suggeriti da TheFontFox 

Carattere suggerito

Ed Interlock  Suggeriti da m3orange 

15/10/2010 alle 02:32

Hello. Upon a super quick look, I found one that sort of has the same feeling (and letters interlock within each other). Go to this link,and look at the "Ed Interlock" specimen, if you're in a hurry and can't find that exact one.

p.s. Reply to the post if you find the name of this font. It's awesome. Y a mÝ tambiÚn me gusta la lucha libre. :-)
Carattere suggerito: Ed Interlock

15/10/2010 alle 16:37

Muchas Gracias m3orange!!! Por el momento funciona Ústa font, de verdad Thanx!!. sabes? De hecho trabajo como Creative Manager de una empresa de Lucha Libre en Mexico. Que bueno que te gusta la Lucha Libre.

Ed Interlock is closer but I really need the other one, I work designing Wrestling Posters, I'm the Creative manager of a Indy Lucha Libre company. I hope someone can help me, thanx!!

PD Sorry, My english is so poor, hehehehehe.

16/10/2010 alle 05:18

Me alegra saber que por ahora te funcione. Me parece que Úsa que pusiste pudiera ser hecha a mano. Suerte encontrßndola. And no, your English was very good. Your post is completly understandable. :-)

09/04/2017 alle 23:55

Hi, the font for Lucha Libre is Wood Stamp, a comic font.
Carattere Identificato: Woodstamp

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