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Can anyone help?

13/10/2010 alle 15:20

Can anyone help with this font? Notice the mirrored "N".

Can anyone help?

Carattere Identificato

Eraser Regular  Suggeriti da koeiekat 

13/10/2010 alle 17:14

Carattere Identificato: Eraser Regular

13/10/2010 alle 18:21

Just a precision for someone who things Eraser Regular is not the true font : In the pachage of two fonts, it's the Eraser REGULAR (not the Eraser DUST) and it's lovercase.

Bravo koeiekat

13/10/2010 alle 20:57

Thank you very much, koeiekat !

13/10/2010 alle 22:49

Damned ! I knew it, it was in my selections, but impossible to find it back... Great job kat !

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