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Please help to identify this font

28/07/2014 alle 13:02

Please help to identify this font

Carattere Identificato

Anglo Saxon Caps  Suggeriti da Chronos 

29/07/2014 alle 16:59

Carattere Identificato: Anglo Saxon Caps

Modificato su 29/07/2014 alle 17:22 da drf

29/07/2014 alle 17:02

Thank you so much Chronos. I understand that the Q has been trasformed manually. Horrible font is'nt it?

29/07/2014 alle 17:13

miller2 ha detto  
Horrible font is'nt it?

really badly vectorized.

maybe you'll find a cleaner version in these categories (sorry i'm lazy browsing all these fonts) :

Modificato su 29/07/2014 alle 17:14 da marty666

29/07/2014 alle 17:17

Thanks.. badly vectorized or not I hope my client will admids it's time to change logo..

Modificato su 29/07/2014 alle 17:33 da miller2

29/07/2014 alle 18:29

Yep, we have seen better. But should that be the reason to change the logo? That font/logo can easily and quickly be cleaned up, for far less cost than creating a new logo, let alone the investment that has to be made to make the new logo known and associated with your customer. Specially the last could easily be a thousandfold the price of that easy clean-up.

New may be better ... but not by definition.

29/07/2014 alle 18:32

At least fix the poor kerning between the E and the R (too tight), and the R and the C (too much).

29/07/2014 alle 18:44

The Anglo Saxon Caps font has no kerning and wrong advance width settings.

29/07/2014 alle 18:52

Then simply convert it to curves/paths/outlines and do it manually.

29/07/2014 alle 19:12

Yep, one way to do it when it is only for the logo. I think I would prefer to clean-up the glyps but either way it is a simple job.

29/07/2014 alle 19:41

Thanks to all of you. I'll let you know what happend next...

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