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SoaR Gaming Font

27/07/2014 alle 04:48

I can't find anything on this font... Any ideas?

SoaR Gaming Font

Carattere Identificato

Bank Gothic  Suggeriti da Chronos 

27/07/2014 alle 04:49

Based on Bank Gothic
Carattere Identificato: Bank Gothic

Modificato su 27/07/2014 alle 04:59 da Chronos

27/07/2014 alle 04:52

Is there a specific version of the font that has those spike things? I've seen it used elsewhere and I doubt 2 separate people have altered the font the exact same...

Modificato su 27/07/2014 alle 04:54 da Lochie

27/07/2014 alle 05:00

Why not? Copying happens all the time (Xerox made a fortune out of it). There's no version of bank Gothic that has those.

Modificato su 27/07/2014 alle 05:06 da Chronos

27/07/2014 alle 05:00

Thank you

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