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What the heck are those fonts?

22/07/2014 alle 17:03

Hi everybody! A friend of mine wants me to redo his business card, but he doesn't have the original and the only resource he sent me is that scan below. Would anyone tell me what are the two (apparently) fonts that were used in this card?
I hope a keen eye will be able to help me.
To all those who will answer my plea, I thank you all in advance.

EDIT: I've got the name of the font used in the logo, it's UrbRapper.

EDIT 2: I've got the other one, it's called Mandingo. I'll put the links below.

What the heck are those fonts?

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Caratteri Identificati

UrbRapper  Suggeriti da darthbenj 
Mandingo  Suggeriti da darthbenj 

22/07/2014 alle 17:54

Carattere Identificato: UrbRapper

22/07/2014 alle 17:56

Carattere Identificato: Mandingo

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