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Wedding Invitation Font Help

10/07/2014 alle 06:04

Hey everyone!
I'm hoping you all can help me figure out a couple of fonts... I'm looking for the main font in the image for "amy &" as well as the cursive handwriting script "at half past four in the afternoon". That one looks so familiar but I can't seem to find it. I really love the "&" sign in the main font and like the two fonts together... want to create a cute anniversary card for my love which is kinda similar

Thank you!!

Wedding Invitation Font Help

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Caratteri Identificati

Prophecy Script  Suggeriti da fonatica 
Chesterfield  Suggeriti da fonatica 

10/07/2014 alle 13:44

Carattere Identificato: Prophecy Script

10/07/2014 alle 14:29

Carattere Identificato: Chesterfield

11/07/2014 alle 01:44

Thanks for your help! I don't think Chesterfield is quite the right one because the & sign is different, but it's close enough and workable for what I'm trying to do. Thanks!!

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