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What is this font?

08/10/2010 alle 12:31

If anyone know the font of the big H.O.T.D. letters, please tell me. Thank you!

What is this font?

Caratteri suggeriti

Hit the Road  Suggeriti da Menhir 
Arial Black  Suggeriti da Menhir 

08/10/2010 alle 15:25

It can be many font.
The most classic with this look : Arial Black (or Helvetica Black).
But the point in Arial is squar and not round.
Carattere suggerito: Arial Black

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08/10/2010 alle 15:35

Hit the Road is not suffisently bold.
Carattere suggerito: Hit the Road

08/10/2010 alle 17:20

Then maybe it's self-created...

08/10/2010 alle 17:39

Perhaps the points are self-created, but the "O" or the "D" avec curves too much close Arial to be self-created.

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