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SmoothMcgroove's Patreon Font

06/04/2014 alle 17:56

I'm obviously looking for the font for the words, not the big P. Thank you so much for the help.

SmoothMcgroove's Patreon Font

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Vermin Vibes 2  Suggeriti da khiro 

06/04/2014 alle 18:00

oh my dear, there's no "obviously" on this forum... if you only knew

06/04/2014 alle 18:00

What do you mean?

06/04/2014 alle 18:12

You say "i'm obviously looking for the font for the words"... i'm just saying that nothing is obvious.

Ten minutes ago someone posted this image to know the font used for "fullscreen"

06/04/2014 alle 18:57

Oh xD Sorry about that! I didn't mean to sound rude! You're right. I hope someone figures this out soon!

06/04/2014 alle 19:07

Carattere Identificato: Vermin Vibes 2

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