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looking for great balls of fire font or simlar

16/03/2014 alle 13:43

hi everyone , this web site as been super helpfull recently for me to make fake movie posters for all our figure skating club skaters for a show we are doing , i am however puzzled and need a font for the movie great balls of fire by jerry lee lews , a font that would look like all the letters are not in line a similar font for that like the poster image, thank you in advance

looking for great balls of fire font or simlar

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16/03/2014 alle 14:14

Something like this?

Edit kk: Hmmm, that pict didn't make it.

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16/03/2014 alle 15:32

hi , yes that could probably work what is the name of the font ?

i cant see the image anymore that you posted

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16/03/2014 alle 16:11

That is Brendel Informatik's Howard which I choose because it is similar to the font in your image. But you can of course choose any font that you like for your poster. You can do these effects yourself.
Goto, upload the font and select random rotate (I went for a maximum of 20) and click start processing. Save the processed font.

You get something like this:

Then upload that font again and choose shake (I went again for a maximum of 20) etcetera.

The result:

That is all there is to it.

16/03/2014 alle 16:38

AWSOME !!!!! thanks so much it worked

16/03/2014 alle 17:23

Show me ... us

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